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Making of Peugeot Metropolis

Making of Peugeot Metropolis – short promotional video with footage from the factory. Thanks for finding it to Fabrice Henry Tourneur!


Rear wheel change on a Metropolis

Here’s a great video by Philip Sowels (thanx, Phil!) on rear wheel exchange on a Metropolis. And his take on balancing it on your own. If you need the tightening torques for those bolts and...


Tips on first three wheel test drive

So you’ve decided to give Metropolis a try? If this is your first time with a bike or scooter, here are a few tips that will make it more fun and a less worrying...


Seat bag for Metropolis

If you wanted a waterproof bag – here is some advice first hand experience from Three Wheeled Diaries (UK).

Peugeot Metropolis Sport 0

Peugeot Metropolis 400 Sport / Italy only

If you’re not in Italy – you probably have not seen one like this in the wild! Peugeot Metropolis 400 – Sport Edition: Tangerine Orange colour Ohlins upgraded front and suspension Arrow exhaust Official...


Fitting a cheaper top box on Metropolis

Disclaimer Please note, these are details of how I fitted a top box to my trike, it is not a comprehensive guide and neither I nor the site can take any responsibility if you...


Peugeot Metropolis – model 2017?

For over a year there are rumors of 2017 model of Peugeot Metropolis coming out. Supposedly, it would have bigger front wheels: 13″ instead of current 12″ and ABS. This is an expected upgrade,...