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RAM (or alike) mount on Metropolis

Just to confirm what I wrote back in September on mounting the navigation on regular spot (behind the cover above dashboard there is a screw hole), you need the american 3/8″ screw or mount,...


Getting my Metropolis ready for winter

  My Metropolis gets me to work, my commute is a 70 miles (110km) round trip and I’ll riding all through the winter (unless its snowing!). As it gets colder I have ordered and...


First gear: Choosing your helmet

Even before you are going to buy the scooter, there are things you’ll need to get. In order to get your scooter home from the dealer or other spot you’ve bought it from, you...


Seat cover from TJ Marvin

Just to let you know that the seat cover which EasyParts are selling – does fit on the Metropolis. Very tight, but it fits.


Metropolis windscreen choice / updated

There are many reasons to get a new Metropolis windscreen for your trike. It may be style, or it may be necessity. If you’re just as lucky as I am and got yourself a beautiful...


Seat bag for Metropolis

If you wanted a waterproof bag – here is some advice first hand experience from Three Wheeled Diaries (UK).


Fitting a cheaper top box on Metropolis

Disclaimer Please note, these are details of how I fitted a top box to my trike, it is not a comprehensive guide and neither I nor the site can take any responsibility if you...



For those of us, who require navigation/smartphone holder, Peugeot is supplying a RAM mount holder (X-Grip). You may have bought your Metropolis with a holder already. One can easily order one from Peugeot (70 euro...


Will it fit?

When deciding which Metropolis version to buy (did you know there were 2? There’s the original 2013 model and a 2015-facelift), my major concern was whether a modular helmet (HJC IS-MAX II in my...