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Making of Peugeot Metropolis

Making of Peugeot Metropolis – short promotional video with footage from the factory. Thanks for finding it to Fabrice Henry Tourneur!


Tips on first three wheel test drive

So you’ve decided to give Metropolis a try? If this is your first time with a bike or scooter, here are a few tips that will make it more fun and a less worrying...


RAM (or alike) mount on Metropolis

Just to confirm what I wrote back in September on mounting the navigation on regular spot (behind the cover above dashboard there is a screw hole), you need the american 3/8″ screw or mount,...


Battery trouble? Here is what to do!

If you, just like me, didn’t have time to worry about the Metropolis’ battery during the cold winter days and now it won’t start – here is the short walkthrough of what I’ve done so...


Getting my Metropolis ready for winter

  My Metropolis gets me to work, my commute is a 70 miles (110km) round trip and I’ll riding all through the winter (unless its snowing!). As it gets colder I have ordered and...


Seat cover from TJ Marvin

Just to let you know that the seat cover which EasyParts are selling – does fit on the Metropolis. Very tight, but it fits.


Dedicated manuals and documents page

From now on we have a dedicated manuals and information download page: You’ll find user manuals, service manuals and other interesting stuff we found all over the Internet in downloadable PDF format. We host...